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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 9, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> the charles village community district will hold its regularly scheduled meeting coming up this tuesday were i am told they will discuss this shooting as well as other crimes in this area. police are asking anyone with
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information to call their homicide unit at10-396-2200. >> thank you. meanwhile three men are recovering in the hospital tonight after a late-night triple shooting. investigators tell us they have yet to make any arrests yet the started when an argument escalated and moved outside. we are told that is when a fourth man started shooting. investigators have not yet named a suspect. the only found one person suffered from gunshot wounds. the other two walk to themselves to the hospital. the people involved are in their 20s. there is no were other conditions. tests have confirmed what authorities suspect about a deadly shooting at virginia tech university on thursday. they still cannot see why a man shot and killed a campus police officer before killing himself. >> virginia state police said it
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looks like thursday's shooting was a murder-suicide. ballistic tests show the same gun used to kill police officer deriek crouse. a still the not know why crouse was targeted. >> it is a fundamental part of the investigation. >> it was thursday afternoon in a traffic stop that a man walked up and shot the decorated officer as he sat in his patrol car. -camera video showed the shooter wearing clothes found ditched elsewhere. >> he ran into a greenhouse for he took off a pall over top and it will cap and put them in a backpack that he left at the greenhouses. >> the suspected killer was then found half of an hour later. some police say he was not the
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virginia tech student. the school is morning the law ofofficer crouse with another vigil set to take place. >> we have made no connection that the shooter and the officer knew what a -- one another before the shooting. >> the scene was similar to that of nearly five years ago when a student shot and killed 32 people before killing himself. unlike them, a university lockdown was ordered on thursday within minutes. >> there are several photos released on one show and tell the campus locked down. you can see the photos and leave messages of condolence to cook on national news. >> >> the three alarm fire broke up just before 11:00 this morning in the 100 block of hern road. it was a ceiling fan that caught
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fire and fell to the floor. all residents were evacuated and they have been accounted for. nobody was hurt. the damage is estimated at $5,000. a team 11 over the scene and earlier this afternoon of a fire along the 2100 block of fairmont ave. we know there was a person trapped inside for some time. firefighters were able to pull off a rescue bringing the victim to the medical center for treatment. the blaze started in the basement but they are trying to figure out what ignited the flight. >> and anne arundel county teacher is free on bond and charged with having a sexual encounters with three students. he was able to post $150,000 to be released from jail down from $3 million initially. he is accused of having numerous encounters with the students both on and off campus between november 2009 and october of this year. he has been an english teacher
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and basketball coach since 2006. leslie johnson is heading to prison after admitting to forcing a bribe in check down the toilet. she did it as they were about to make a call to recallchris norton has the story. >> she told the judge -- i am extremely sorry for and ashamed of my conduct on november 12, 2010. i take full responsibility for my actions that they and sincerely regret the impact it has had on my family and community. >> in the box was a check. >> mrs. johnson said she panicked for trying to help her husband without thinking. destroying a check for $100,000 and trying to conceal $79,000 in her underwear. she called it a single aberrant act asking for probation calling it -- saying she did not know
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anything about the criminal conduct my husband engaged in prior to 2010. had i known, i would have hoped would have had the courage to do something about it to avoid this like changing ordeal. he believes mrs. johnson knew that she was dealing with tainted money. she tried to conceal it. clearly she knew the judge said, i cannot accept the explanation that she did not. she sentenced leslie johnson to 12 months in a day. he ordered her to perform 240 hours of community service and forfeit the $79,600 in her possession when she was arrested. mrs. johnson had many supporters at the courthouse. >> i was disappointed that she got time. i felt she should not have received any jail time. >> she was sentenced to 12 months and a day. you think that is fair? >> know. it should be less. it should be probation.
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>> the judge ordered leslie johnson to turn herself and on march 9, one month after her husband begins serving his federal prison sentence. the lawyer for leslie johnson asked she be allowed to serve at alderson federal prison. that is in the foothills and the allegheny mountains and west virginia. >> state police are investigating a deadly accident this morning in bel air that killed a man who was lying in the street. here is what we know so far. a car traveling southbound on route 924 ran over a man lying in the roadway. it happened around 530 this morning. troopers tell us they have not filed any charges against the driver. still no word on the victim's identity. >> another nice what to do with lots of sunshine. the son was the dominant feature.
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temperatures made into the 50s or high. there is something out west. a little rain and snow. it is not very significant. our air is very dry. you also see a few showers near the mouth of the chesapeake bay. sprinkles really, not even showers. our rain chances are not great, but the chances for sunshine over the weekend are pretty good. let's talk about the insta- weather forecast in just a few minutes. >> it looks like the university of maryland college park and baltimore will not merge after all. the decision revealed in a six month study was made public this afternoon. tim tooten joins us live on the decision. >> the board of regents voted to put aside merger talks in favor of a closer working relationship. >> the board sees the alliance as the kind of 21st century of
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cooperation that is the right organizational structure for the fast changing challenging physical environment we live in today. >> the vote was unanimous sought to merge the university of maryland college park with the university of maryland baltimore. instead presidents from both schools along with the chancellor would create what they are calling an alliance by march 1 of next year. >> we have to find the reports. i stand ready to fight by it and to do everything in my power to help implement. >> the standard you have embraced a chief the collaborative model for the future. i personally predict it will be emulated by others it around the nation. >> the final report to study a personal merger came after two public hearings and months of interviews with staff and students. >> adopted the alliance is a pretty good compromise between having the murder and of having
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the murder. with the two institutions being able to work together would definitely benefit not only baltimore but especially the students at college park. >> the merger report now goes to the general assembly for its review. w to abal t,v 11 enws. >> coming up, abandoned houses are a magnet for trash and crime. >> defense want to crack down. a new national report says baltimore is played with the blight and how much the cost to tear it all down. >> investigators say this fire at an airport may have been arson. >> the baltimore ravens are geared up to take on the indianapolis colts this sunday after losing the last eight matchups. matchups.
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>> a destructive blazes that fourth of the anchor of the airport this week may have been intentionally set. an investigation is under way after it destroyed nine plants and cost about $2 million in damage. they were able to confine it to the hangar but almost everything inside of the hangar was destroyed.
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something needs to be done about the spike in vacant properties all over the country. and a new report, they are outlining what needs to be done now to help with the blight. baltimore officials think it will cost $180 million to tear down all of the homes in the city. and baltimore city alone, the number of vacant properties has surpassed the 16,000 mark. the government report is blaming baltimore's problem of the population decline coupled with a search and foreclosures. -- a surge and foreclosures. >> how healthy is or neighborhood? a new report looks at major health outcome data for each of the 55 community areas of baltimore city. for the first time results showed data on deaths that could have been avoided if all communities have the same access to health programs.
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>> a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to get us the improved health outcomes that we so desperately need in this city. >> when it comes to life expectancy, take a look at the neighborhoods with the highest life expectancy. the areas colored red have the shortest life expectancy. the lettuce colors are were people are expected to live a little longer. people who live and these regions could outlive counterparts sendoff town and southeast baltimore by more than 10 years. this is prepared at the city health department using state statistics. researchers with the centers for disease control and prevention has linked the co- lead back in 2009 to prepackaged cookie dough. -- e. coli to pre package cookie dough. they warn consumers not to eat the go before it is baked. the culprit is flour because it
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does not undergo a step to kill bacteria that may be present unlike the other ingredients. >> now, you're a 11 insta- weather forecast with john collins. >> we have a lot of mild conditions. a few big storms go through with a lot of rain. plenty of sun, but there are some clouds moving in. you can see a few of these wispy clouds moving across the area. down on the lower portion of the bay most of that is driving up before it hits the ground. a little thing pops up. there is a cool front out to the west. there are some rainshowers and flurries in ohio and pennsylvania. much of that will dry up. we do not expect that to be a rain or snow maker. it will pass through overnight tonight. today was a nice one. for the temperature up to 52.
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the high at the airport is 54. typical this year for the high. 47 degrees and we are losing ground. tomorrow we only have 9 hours 28 minutes of daylight. by the 22nd which is what we go into winter, we will only have 9 hours 24 minutes of daylight. that explains why it is so tough to warm up during the day. clothes were down to around freezing. right now, the green shades in the lower portions of the eastern shore and around 52 degrees as you move north he turned blue and get colder. by the time you get to the maryland line, ratings are in the '30's. here is a satellite image. we are in a hole here. we have generally clear skies. here is a front to the west. this little disturbance in the carolinas will move out to sea. it might kick up a little rain. this will come through the moisture is very limited. the mountains during most of it
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out. all we expect over night is an increasing clouds. there is not much going on out there at all. the weather pattern is essentially dry. mostly cloudy tonight. we are starting out clear. a sprinkle or for it off to the southeast would not be out of the question. northwest winds at 2--- 2:00 to 7:30. it will not chill down quite as we did this morning. a little reinforcement of chilly air will keep the temperatures down. we will start off partly cloudy but work on mostly sunny by the end of the day. northwest winds at 10-50 miles per hour. small craft advisory is tomorrow. a little disturbance to the south. that is why we are including a sprinkled on their overnight tonight.
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moisture of to the west kind of dress up. not much is expected in our area except for the period of cloudy this. for the game on sunday, mostly cloudy skies. the temperature range during the game. that looks good. the army navy game is tomorrow late in the afternoon. that looks like a good one as well. here is the 70 forecast. near 50 degrees on wednesday added to the '50s on thursday and friday. nearly all because dry. by the end of the week, something mr. to break down and rain chances creep up a little bit. >> as we inch toward the iowa caucuses, the gop ads are becoming more and more negative. >> just ahead, a two pronged attack against new gingrich's getting a lot of attention. will it work? >> jerry sandusky prepares for his first day in court. >> celebrate the holidays and
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the ham tum or you can celebrate two holidays of tradition.
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>> it is crunch time for the republican presidential candidates. >> newt gingrich is riding high in the polls and mitt romney is trying to bring him down questioning his family values and conservative credentials. >> a fighting to stop his slide in the polls, mitt romney visited iowa for only the fifth time in his campaign. he brought out the big guns. his family. >> who bigger to do -- who better to do a turnaround then the man who does turnarounds. >> my grand parents really instilled in me a lot for the country. >> in a new series of ads, mitt
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romney questions gingrich's conservatism and a lot more. >> it is a character problem. >> that was tame compared to an ad released by a pro mitt romney group. >> gingrich's not firing back. he said he is fighting president obama, not his fellow republicans. >> i am going to stay positive. >> he can afford to. gingrich is leading in the polls there and two of the first three primary states. the town is getting testy. will that change votes? >> it is still very fluid. is on -- i think they are looking for differentiation but they want solutions and not just a tax. >> last month new gingrich was the bottom tier candidates but just today he had to cancer -- he had to cancel a book signing and due to fears that the crowds would be too big.
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>> demonstrators with the occupied d.c. movement are taking their protests to the new level. >> they announced they are going to stop eating. who is taking part of the hunger strike coming up. >> it is the annual running of the army navy game ball. that story coming out. >> we will go through the laundry list of reasons baltimore would love to
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>>live, local, late breaking, you are watching wbal tv news at 5:00.
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>> here we go. purple friday raven fans are, but for one thing -- a chance to get their first win over the colts since 2001. the last eight times we have taken on the colts, we have gone down. marks this season is different because indianapolis is winless. pete gilbert joins us. >> the call to come to town in disarray. a complete disaster of the season with indianapolis with no peyton manning at the helm. it did a rally from a deficit to lose 3124 last week. without manning, not the greatest amount of interest around the country. here it matters much. the colt broke baltimore fans and 1984. they have also added the baltimore grievances and twice in the last eight years.
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it is safe to say everyone wearing purple would like to serve a taste of their own medicine on sunday afternoon in baltimore. >> return the ball over and we did not get turnovers all the time. they play grid against us. we played pretty well. the game here we had them in a sense. every game is its own story as usual. it has been a tough -- a tough series for us. >> no doubt a whole lot of payback been delivered this year. will the ribbons of the services of their -- services of their kicker on sunday? we will check out that story at 6:00. >> thank you. that brings us to our riddance tax question for today. should the river and the rest raylewis even if he is healthy enough to play. standard text messaging rates apply. we will reveal the results
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tonight at 6:00. america has a new top college quarterback. andrew luck took a tour of the johnny unitas before tonight's ceremony. he scored 35 touchdowns this year alone for stanford bringing the team to an 11-1 record. off of the field he carries a 3.48 gpa. the rumor is he is heading to the indianapolis colts. >> i have not really have much time to think about that. after the ball again, i will sit down with my dad and my mom and try to plan out some stuff and see all the possible scenarios. >> in the past 24 years, some know where the golden arm recipients include peyton manning and eli manning. >> it is called america's
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football game, it is army verses navy. this year's game will be played in landover. one of them is the annual running of the game ball by most military academies. the midshipmen left for their run today. >> it has been a tradition at the naval academy. this year's running of the army navy game ball is special. >> shortly after noon they took off from the naval academy for the 111 mile run from annapolis to baltimore ended down to fed ex field and landover for tomorrow's army navy game. >> this has been done for 30 years. we did miss one year because of going to pasadena. we started running the ball and trying -- which started running through pennsylvania. this year we will be running over to landover. >> midshipmen from the 13th
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company and their parents gathered in front of this call to kick off the run. >> they made the route the same length. it will go around baltimore and washington, d.c. that will be fun. >> it will be a big game. we are just excited to be out there. the ball run is a great event for our company. it really represents our school. >> those i talked with are proud to be a part of the tradition and are especially proud that this year's round of the 12th anniversary of september 11. >> we are going to be running past the pentagon and washington, d.c. an alumni group is running past the flight 93 site in pennsylvania. it is a pretty special event with the three groups coming together and being unified. >> mitchum and began their run, army cadets left west. yesterday.
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it will bring the game balls into the stadium for tomorrow's game. >> the kickoff for tomorrow's game is set for 2:40 3:00 p.m. >> here is a look at some of our other top stores. baltimore city police are investigating another burger in the north calvert street. a friend discovered the body of brandon hudson who had a gunshot wound to his head. he has been dead for an undetermined amount of time. based on evidence there are looking into the strong possibility that the crime is drug-related. virginia state police say yesterday's shooting was a murder-suicide. ballistic tests show the same gun to kill the police officer crouse was also found by a man with a self-inflicted gunshot. a man walked up and shot him as
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he sat in his patrol car. cowskin video capture him wearing clothes that were ditched elsewhere. a short time later he was found dead. the gunmen was not a virginia tech student. former prince george's councilwoman leslie johnson is heading to prison. she admitted to flushing a bribe check worth $100,000 down the toilet as authorities were about to make it into her home. the judge sentenced her to one year and one day. earlier this week jack johnson was sentenced to at least seven years in prison. >> as he spent his first full day forced inside of his six college chum, they are hearing about more allegations of abuse against him. the family is responding to an allegation that his wife knew about one attack and did nothing to stop the abuse. >> we are getting a better idea
5:35 pm
of cherry sandusky's reaction to his first full day of court ordered all refinement kurt >> he is depressed. how can he not be depressed? even if a trial of the road once up and an incredible -- acquittal, he will never be the same. >> he is not looking forward to this. this will be a one-sided proceeding. this will be a proceeding where the common wealth is going to call witnesses who will say that the store -- horrific things happened. if some truck had been screaming at her home, it would not matter but it or time at what she would have heard it and responded. >> to this point, a grand jury reports have identified 10 accusers and the case. chuck smith says he has talked to one more. >> he was a participant in the
5:36 pm
second mile program in 2004. >> during an interview today, he said his client was given alcohol by sandusky and abused on the penn state campus seven years ago. >> he was given a glass of whiskey which he was asked to consumers. thereafter sandusky performed a sexual act on him. >> the actions did not occur. >> he thinks many may be driven not by abuse but the idea of a payout by civil suits in the case. >> i can't think of 9 million reasons with regard to the second mile prepense it has unlimited resources. why do people like? clause 1 of so many questions to. >> how many more children do you expect to come forward? >> he will continue to meet with
5:37 pm
the client through the weekend as they prepared for tuesday's hearing. the first time since it went public, he will see some of his accusers face to face. >> remember when dozens of people were sickened when a woman used pepper spray on black friday to get the item she wanted. >> she got what she wanted as we cover the nation.
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>> three members of occupied d.c. say they are going on a hunger strike. many residents of the district and leaders have sought full representation and voting rights and congress over the past couple of tickets. the three protesters will stop
5:41 pm
eating to support what they call d.c. democracy. >> new york university is planning to offer two class is on the occupy wall street movement. the class will be called "why occupy wall street?" the undergraduate class will be offered to the university culture analysis. and other professors will be teaching a graduate level seminar on the demonstration. >> the woman accused of using pepper spray on a crowd will not face felony charges. this was the scene as you remember inside an l.a.. wal-mart stores earlier that morning. the los angeles county prosecutor said there is no evidence she committed a felony and has referred the case to the city attorney. she could face misdemeanor charges of city prosecutors find she used a pepper spray to grab video games from other shoppers.
5:42 pm
at least 20 people suffered nose and throat irritation. >> still ahead, ford recalls thousands of vehicles made in the past few years. >> what make, model, and why they cause some concern. >> now, city officials are changing their policy. we tell you what that could mean for the area's homeless. >> another day with lots of sunshine. the question through the weekend -- that we maintain that? we will talk about it with insta-weather + forecast in a moment.
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>> here is a look at what we are looking for at 6:00. the board of regents voted down a merger between the university of maryland college park and baltimore. tim tooten is live with what happened.
5:44 pm
gov. o'malley wants to create more jobs and maryland.
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>> he tells the story that has been overlooked in the cover of the withdrawal of the troops and iraq before the holidays. the story of 16,000 people who are not leaving. the radicals us want to drive them out of the country. here is an example of how dangerous their lives are. >> without the u.s. military to
5:46 pm
provide security, and the movement outside of the embassy compound into the city of baghdad, the ominously labeled red zone requires a from on that -- phenomenal amount of protection. what's the use of deadly force is authorized. >> in these five vehicles and the it advanced security detail for the movement. it will go downtown to the sheraton hotel to prepare a way for a second five car motorcade carrying beverly hall and jessica buchanan. they have a contract employees of the state department, english-language officers on their way from a conference with the rockies who teach english as a second language. >> you have to realize there is
5:47 pm
something bizarre about this setting. back in the united states, this sort of security detail would be reserved for the secretary of state or the president. >> anytime you do anything else i'd of international -- this is how we travel. >> is a necessary? >> yes. >> in order to stay safe in this environment, it is critical. >> that is rock center with brian williams monday night at 10:00. that will be followed by 11 news tonight at 11:00 p.m.. >> he noted is called when the city issues the cold blue. you may not know how cold it is anymore. baltimore city officials say they are lowering the temperature needed for them to offer additional services for the homeless in the winter. it will activate when the wind chill is 13 degrees. last year that number was 20 degrees.
5:48 pm
a big difference there. >> it is a big difference. >> we are not too terrible here. >> we bounce back from earlier in the week. >> 47 is a typical hide this time of year. to date made into the 50's. our highs will be in the 40's. typical weather coming our way. notes huge threat for any type of rain or snow or anything like that. there is a disturbance coming through tonight. on the radar satellite combination some thin clouds have been overweight. there is some moisture up at the higher altitudes. off to the northwest there is a cold front. it's generating a light rain shower or snow shower activity. most of it will dry up in the mountains. the air on this side of the mountains is quite dry. there is a disturbance to the south.
5:49 pm
the air is so dry, there might be a sprinkle near our team beats. something might come this evening. this does not look like a rainmaker or anything tonight. temperatures are now around 50. the lower eastern shore we are in the 40's. a around us, blue or should it get deeper. readings are more in the 30's than in the 40's. that has been the trend all day with mountains being chillier. the mountains may pick up snow at this disturbance going through. once it clears the mountains and gets into the central portion of maryland it looks like things will be dry. it will be more less washing up. there is a supporting disturbance that will get out a little water. that may stir things up. most of the precipitation will be over the atlantic. if you look to the west there is nothing out there at all. no major storms to be of any
5:50 pm
concern at least in the immediate future. our futurecast shows us some cloudiness and maybe a few sprinkles on the eastern shore this weekend. the other disturbance to the west, some snow on the mountains are possible. some light snow and maybe flurries. nothing, -- we will see more clouds tonight and that is it. 35 is the low, northwest winds. the moon is set for a big full moon over night. it will set tomorrow morning at 7:14. the sun will rise after that at 7:50. tomorrow we have nine hours 28 minutes of sunlight. partly cloudy tomorrow and a continued chile high. it is mostly sunny for the game on sunday at 1:00 in the afternoon. seven-day forecast, we are dry
5:51 pm
run through the weekend. 40's 4 highs on saturday and sunday. most of next week as dry as well. we work for 50 degrees for the high. at the end of the week, the rain chances creep up just a little bit. >> would begin the consumer a lawyer with the recall for anyone driving a ford fusion. the company is recling 128,000 vehicles from the 2010 and 2011 model years because the wheels can fall off of the cars. this recall affects cars with 17 inch steel wheels both from april 1 and through april 30, 2009. from december 1, 2009 through november 13, 2010. regulators say bolts holding the wheels on can fracture causing a vibration forcing the wheel to literally fall off. dealers said they will replace the blood knot and check out the wheels for you.
5:52 pm
the recall starts next month. there is an interesting phenomenon this christmas that involves young children getting some sophisticated gives. the issue is not a gift itself but where it comes from. >> a pbs survey of parents of 2- 10 year olds found a quarter of them were giving kids a personal technology device for christmas this year. a laptop or smartphone. and many instances, the device will be a hand me down. >> what they are going to do is handed down their existing tech device to their kids. >> experts say it is important to sweep a second hand device. >> kids have a tendency to lose devices carried you want to make your personal information is not on the devices. >> other than that they say the rules about usage are the same.
5:53 pm
parents should limit how long their child is all-out online or in front of any screen. ' particular attention to the apps for downloading on the device. opting for the ones from reputable sources that teach as well as entertain. >> the most important thing to remember is you are looking for an application that is important for your child's age and state of development. >> kids put mobile devices among their most desired and gifts. >> coming up, a war of words tonight on the gop campaign trail. they are focusing their efforts on new gingrich. >> from in 1861 called african american storytelling, holidays at the
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5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> to concelebrate the holidays the good old fashioned way at the historic mansion. the holidays at the hampton and by its the public for free activities for the whole family. >> when you celebrate -- holidays at the hampton you will experience two centuries of tradition pure >> you will get into the yuletide festive mood and you also get to have children activities. you can bring the kids out.
5:57 pm
they can make a christmas card for mom and dad. >> the historic site and house and is the northernmost plantation. inside the mansion in each room is decorated to represent a different era. it reflects the traditions of the time. >> some runs are elaborately decorated. this is the 1870's, the christmas tree was in full swing. other rooms, that is the early 1800's. there is not a lot of the elaborate decorations in that room. it is still decked out like a tea party. you will see not only how american history changed but how our observances of the holiday changed over time. >> there will be a variety of activities free to the public including african-american storytelling and a civil war all. it will be among the dancers performing authentic dances from the time and you can learn as well. >> i will be teaching children
5:58 pm
and their parents. >> also, you can take care tried. for this there is a fee and the seating is limited. >> him time in school because to get christmas past but you are here today because it is christmas present. it is getting you ready for the holiday so that is the christmas yet to come. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> the two will not become one. at the latest on merger talks. "the morgan state student is found shot to death inside of his charles village apartment. >> how to make maryland a more friendly. details straight ahead. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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>> two university of maryland campus is will not merge after the vote by the board of regents. thank you for joining us at 11 news at 6:00. >> tim tooten is live in college park with more. >> this follows a six month merger study done by the board of regents. there is another study of performing an alliance. students at both schools have been keeping track of the merger talks. those who seem surprised by the outcome is looking toward the benefits of a proposed alliance. >> i know a couple of my friends want to go to law school but they do not know where to go to law school. they are looking at applying to baltimore. knowing about this and how the collaboration might increase would give them a better chance of being accepted. >> the university system of maryland told b


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